Twin Brothers Sentenced To Prison In Coney Island Shooting Over Fried Mushrooms

WWJ News
November 18, 2019 - 3:34 pm
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DETROIT (WWJ) - Twin brothers convicted in a shooting said to be over fried mushrooms will spend up to 30 years behind bars.

Dwight Samuels was sentenced in Wayne County Circuit Court this morning to between 13 and 30-years in prison while his brother Duane received a sentence of 11 to 30-years.  

Both men pleaded guilty to assault with tntent to murder and a felony firearm charge in connection with the incident last June, at Nicky D's Coney Island at 7 Mile Rd. and Greenfield in northwest Detroit. 

According to investigators, the 61-year-old twins  became irate, early in the morning of June 19, when workers at the restaurant informed them they didn't have fried mushrooms on the menu. While other Nicky D’s locations sell them, this particular location does not.

The men left the premises, but returned later with a metal pipe and a gun, witnesses said -- and a fight broke out. 

Police said the brother attacked a 40-year-old customer, beating him with a metal pipe and ultimately shooting him before fleeing the scene. The victim, identified as a regular at the restaurant, was shot in the mouth but survived. 

The incident prompted Detroit Police Chief James Craig to coin a new slogan for the summer: "Check yourself, stop the violence," which was spread on social media in hopes of stopping senseless violence in the city.