Tips Wanted To ID Woman Caught On Video Egging Mt. Clemens Apartment

WWJ News
May 28, 2020 - 2:18 pm

(WWJ) Do you recognize this person?

The Macomb County Sheriff's Office is reaching out for tip to help identify the suspect, who was caught on a home security camera earlier this month.

According to investigators, the woman vandalized a residence in Mt. Clemens. 

"Damaging property is not OK and against the law," the sheriff's office said. While it appears to have happened inside an apartment building., details about the location were not released.

Video shared publicly by the department shows actually shows two people; but only one of their faces can be seen.

The footage shows a woman in the foreground, with dark hear wearing a purple shirt, grabbing eggs out of a carton and throwing them. A woman in the background, in light blue jeans and what appears to be a a tie-dye t-shirt, also throws some eggs before running away. 

No further details were released. 

Anyone who can identify the woman seen in the video or who has any information on this incident is asked to call Det. Ryan Wohlfield at 586-463-1854. 

Officials add that all individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.