WATCH: Cable Snaps On Slingshot Ride Seconds Before Launch

WWJ News
August 21, 2019 - 10:57 am

(WWJ) - This is one video that will make even a thrill seeker's stomach turn. 

Video footage from a slingshot ride at a Florida boardwalk amusement park shows one of the ride's two main cables snapping and fraying just moments before two riders were launched in the air.

The video was taken by two women who decided not to ride the slingshot at Cobra Adventure Park in Panama City Beach because one of them had a bad feeling, according to reports. 

"Y'all are going to be screaming like sissies, watch," one of the women jokes while the cables tighten.

As an attendant steps into frame to launch the ride, the cable snaps.

"Oh my God," the woman yells. "We just dodged death."

No injuries were reported.