What's Your Michigan Outdoors Story? Group Wants To Hear From You

WWJ News
January 28, 2020 - 11:28 am
hiking in Michigan

(WWJ) A coalition of nature conservation groups wants you to share your stories of enjoying Michigan's great outdoors. 

ProtectMI has launched a new website designed to collect the outdoor experiences of residents across the state.

The goal? To raise awareness and appreciation for the numerous benefits of the state's natural resources, public lands and outdoor recreation opportunities – which organizers of this educational campaign say are second-to-none.  

"Things that we take for granted tend to get taken away from us," said Rich Bowman of The Nature Conservancy, which is part of the coalition. "The state park system was a hundred years old last year, and that represents now generations of thought and investment to build the asset that we have. And we want to make sure that's appreciated and taken care of going forward."

Bowman stresses that this isn't just about campsites and trails Up North.

"Public lands are also the Detroit waterfront; they're also the neighborhood park where your kids play, and they are the places where people have church picnics and family reunions," he told WWJ Newsradio 950's Michael Cohen. "And all of those are so important for the quality of life we all enjoy in Michigan." 

The hope is that raising awareness will help protect the natural public spaces that Michiganders enjoy year-round.

"We’re lucky Michigan is so uniquely and naturally gifted," the group says. "We have so many ways and opportunities to preserve, protect and enjoy it – whether hunting and fishing, trail hiking, biking or kayaking, or countless parks and playgrounds. And so much more in between. There is something for everyone. These assets benefit us all in numerous ways – strengthening local communities and economy, improving quality of life and physical and mental health. Our outdoor spaces are a source of pride and what connect and unite Michiganders and makes Michigan Michigan … regardless of where we live or come from, our financial means, our age, abilities or our politics. That’s what this campaign will reinforce and what it’s about."

Check out the website and share your story at THIS LINK (ProtectMI.org)