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NWS Predicts Cooler Start To Summer Before Late-Season Heat Arrives

The heavy rains in May suggest June will be cooler and wetter than normal.

May 30, 2019 - 7:41 pm

(WWJ) -- It appears all that rain across the state of Michigan in May will produce a cooler-than-normal start to the Summer.

The National Weather Service released its Summer 2019 outlook for southeast Michigan on Thursday. NWS Meteorologist Alex Manion says the wet ground from all the rain this month will eventually evaporate into the atmosphere and keep us cooler in June.

It leads to more clouds and clouds do a great job of keeping us cooler than normal by reflecting sunlight," Manion told WWJ's Sandra McNeill.

Several storms across southeast Michigan caused heavy flooding in early May and the rains stuck around for much of the month.

Manion says, however, that longer range forecasts indicate we could see above average temperatures in August, as the National Climate Prediction Center calls for a warm-up in a couple of months.

"They use other variables like the El Niño and La Niña and much more from beyond our office," Manion said. "From what they’ve looked at in their models, there are other signals that show a potential drying trend, which in turn, could lead to warmer-than-normal conditions by August."

Altogether, Manion says the three-month period will still probably add up to a warmer summer.