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Officials Discover Source Of Mysterious, Oozing Foam In Melvindale

August 10, 2018 - 10:55 am

MELVINDALE (WWJ) - The mystery of Melvindale's oozing foam has been solved. 

The foam-like substance caused alert among residents earlier this week when it began oozing from the sewers, specifically along Schaefer Highway, between Oakwood Boulevard and I-75. 

After some investigation, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality determined the foam was coming from a substance that is used to coat freshly-resurfaced parking lots, according to reports. Heavy rains washed the substance into the storm drains, officials said, where it turned into a foam and rose up through manholes. 

"It's been described to me as a foam, soap sud type material that has a very pungent odor," John Meyers, Oversight Chief for Western Wayne County Operations, told WWJ's Michael Cohen. "It's like an oozing foam is the best way I could describe it."

Officials are now working on a solution to clear the substance from the sewer so the foam doesn't reappear during any future rainstorms. 

Testing has shown the foam is not hazardous but the public is urged to avoid contact with it, as a precaution.