Old Woodward Reopens In Downtown Birmingham After 4-Month Closure

August 10, 2018 - 9:12 am

BIRMINGHAM (WWJ) - The city of Birmingham is celebrating the end of a major construction project.

Old Woodward at Maple Road in downtown Birmingham is reopening this weekend following a four-month, $7 million project.

Much of the work was done underground, but Mayor Andrew Harris says residents and visitors will no doubt notice other improvements.

"Now the street and the sidewalks, unlike before, are at the same grade level. The street is a little bit narrower but the sidewalks are wider. We have now landscaped medians in different parts of this area that weren't there before," Harris told WWJ's Mike Campbell.

Pedestrians will also notice something not often seen in downtown areas.

"There's electronic charging stations for your iPad or cellphone downtown to try to make it contemporary, some of the areas," said Harris.

Old Woodward will open to pedestrian traffic on Saturday for the annual "Day on the Town" event and will open to drivers afterward.

Despite all the improvements, one problem remains in place.

"Parking is always a challenge in downtown Birmingham," Harris said. "I mean, the project itself took away many spaces. So, we offered valet, we offered free parking the entire weekend in the structures and many other measures are being taken in Birmingham now."