Trying Out New 'Shop & Scan' At Meijer [BLOG]

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September 20, 2019 - 1:34 pm
meijer shop and scan



By Dan Jenkins, WWJ Producer

I just used the Meijer's new Shop & Scan self-checkout app, that lets you scan items as you go along, to see if it's really faster than the u-scan or the more traditional checkout lines. 

Using the app was fairly easy to begin with. And I was finally able to use Meijer's WiFi, which has never really worked well for me.

My big questions about this app were: 1) How well will scanning produce work? 2) What about alcohol? 3) Is it really faster?

Here's some answers:

You have to use the digital scales to bring up a barcode for produce. I bought some bananas. The code popped right up on the screen, but the app wasn't able to scan it. I was able to print a label with the barcode on it and I was able to scan that. 

The scanner on the app itself worked flawlessly, until about the third item. I had trouble getting it to focus. It was about 50/50 from there on out. Locking my phone and unlocking again seemed to fix it.

I can see how this would congest the aisles. Dozens of people stopping to open their phones, scan, lock, unlock, rescan. And move to the next item. I felt like I was in people's way even when trying to be quick.

So I got everything scanned and headed to the u-scan to check out. You scan a QR code on the screen of the u-scan to basically dump your cart into the system. But then, an associate is required to come over and scan three items from your cart to confirm that they match up.

The woman working today told me it was her first time doing this, and she was just as curious as I was. She scanned three of my items and then the rest of my list populated on the screen. She scanned my ID for the beer I bought just like normal.

Then she asked me, "was it faster?" Well, no. It was about as fast as using the normal u-scan line. And if they're trying to cut down on the lines at the u-scan, this won't help. Not if a worker has to go around and scan 3 items to verify every basket.

A nice idea, not sure it's quite there yet.

Replying to my tweets describing my experience, Meijer wrote: "Thanks for sharing your feedback on your Shop and Scan experience, Dan. We value the input!" 

(Want to try it yourself? Need more info? Read the Meijer Shop & Scan FAQ)