Detroit Police Car

(Photo: WWJ/Kasey Stoddart)

Over 100: Detroit Police Officers Leaving City For The Suburbs

"It's not a commitment to DPD or the citizens of Detroit."

July 13, 2018 - 1:31 am

DETROIT (WWJ) - The continued exodus of officers heading to other metro area police departments -- among the topics of discussion at the Detroit Police Board of Commissioners meeting Thursday night. 

Over 100 officers, so far this year, have left the city of Detroit.  A "glaring" problem said Commission Chairman Willie Bell.

"There's no solid answer, if not we would have initiated it, like yesterday," said Bell. "Money is part of it but I think it's also obligation ... once you sign a contract - there's no contract -- there should be a commitment to the city of Detroit," said Bell. 

He says while they don't want to deny anyone opportunity but "we have an investment, over $80,000 a year, in these officers." Adding that it's an additional burden to the taxpayers. "It's not a commitment to DPD or the citizens of Detroit."

In addition to a possible increase in salary -- the Detroit Police Officers Association is seeking a restoration in benefits lost to officers during the city's 2013 bankruptcy filing.