alligators in Eastpointe

(Photo: Eastpointe Police and Fire Department)

Pair Of Alligators Impounded By Eastpointe Animal Control [PHOTOS]

Officers "risked life and limb," according to police

July 10, 2019 - 11:06 am

EASTPOINTE (WWJ) - Considering getting a new pet? Police in one Macomb County community suggest that residents choose carefully.

The advice from the Eastpointe cops comes after police say animal control officers "risked life and limb" while impounding two alligators on Tuesday.

Posting photos of the rescued reptiles on Facebook, police noted that exotic pets are illegal in Eastpointe, joking "so we couldn’t keep them as emotional support animals."

"Anything that Tony Montana would want is probably prohibited in Eastpointe. No Boa Constrictors. No Tigers. No Alligators," police added, along with several humerus hashtags including: #SayHelloToMyLittleFriend.

Animal control officers handed the alligators off to a sanctuary in Athens, near Kalamazoo.

Many in the community responded with thanks for officers' efforts. Darlene Cralle Wiegand wrote, "Great job helping these little guys!", while Ann MArie Dittman commented: "Glad the animals were able to be saved not euthanized."

Not sure what type of pets are allowed in your area? Check with your city or township office.