Patriot Day: Talking To Children About September 11

Greg Bowman & Brooke Allen
September 11, 2018 - 9:22 pm

WWJ/Brooke Allen

DETROIT (WWJ) - Chances are you remember exactly where you were when the twin towers came down at the hands of terrorists on September 11, 2001 ... but what if you weren't old enough, or even born yet? 

WWJ's Brooke Allen visited a local elementary school where that part of our nation's history was being told in terms that could be absorbed by young children without fear or anxiety -- beginning with a celebrated story from the towers' history books (and film). 

WWJ/Brooke Allen
Andrea Hart's first grade class at Smith Elementary School in Fowlerville listened to a reading of the book, "The Man Who Walked Between The Towers," by Mordicai Gerstein. The true story of Philippe Petit, a French aerialist who strung tightrope wire between the twin towers in 1974 and entertained New Yorkers from a quarter mile above  - walking, dancing and kneeling -- between the twin towers of the World Trade Center for over an hour on that August morning. 

"Now the towers are gone," Hart tells the class. 

When asked "why are the towers gone?" She delicately describes the events of the day says Allen but is factual when she says many people were hurt and many died on that day. 

She says it's important to remember the people who lost their lives September 11, now officially called Patriot Day.