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Plans Underway That Would Replace Northville Downs With Massive $200M Housing Development

Not everyone is happy.

July 15, 2019 - 10:28 am

(WWJ) Northville city leaders and residents are weighing the pros and cons of a proposed development on the site of the historic Northville Downs race track.  

The planned development, called The Downs, includes housing and 18,000 square feet of commercial space. Housing would include approximately 50 single-family homes,180 town homes, and 300 multi-family apartments.

Developer Hunter Pasteur has faced an uphill climb getting his site plan approved, with several meetings marked by residents unhappily protesting that his plans aren't unique enough for Northville.

"Lots of people have different concerns depending on their point of view," Mayor Ken Roth told WWJ's Vickie Thomas. "A big concern is traffic and how traffic is going to be managed, and that's a concern that obviously has to be addressed. It's a very important issue. The density of the project and the type of development going in it in terms of single-family housing, apartments, and the ratios of those is also a very important issue that needs to be addressed to make sure that is consistent with the communities' vision for the property."  

According to Hometown Life, a roundabout is being considered as a salve to traffic concerns.

The Pasteur project is slated to cost about $200 million, and increase tiny Northville's population by about 20%. 

Roth said they're working really hard to make The Downs a "collaborative process."

In the interim, Northville Downs will host racing until at least 2020, with demolition of the track to start in early 2021. The track is a victim of changing entertainment tastes that have expanded the lottery and moved gambling to casinos in Detroit and Windsor.