Police Investigating Another Customer Shooting At Detroit Restaurant

It happened at Motor City Coney Island

May 21, 2018 - 7:18 am

DETROIT (WWJ) - Police investigating another case of a customer shot by an employee at a Detroit business over the weekend. 

The incident took place at the Motor City Coney Island restaurant in the area of East McNichols and Oakland roads, where the 23-year-old victim/customer was asked to leave the premises Sunday afternoon. 

He did, but returned to the restaurant, and then left again. 

As he was walking across the parking lot, according to police, the owner opened the rear door of the restaurant and fired three shots at him, one striking the victim in the left leg. 

Authorities say he ran a half block down McNichols Road before collapsing, losing a large amount of blood in the process. 

He was taken to a local hospital, last reported in critical condition. No arrests reported at this time.  

Last Sunday, a gas station clerk got in an argument with a customer before stepping from behind the bullet proof glass to open fire. 

Officials are concerned about the way some employees are handling disputes with customers.

A gas station clerk is awaiting arraignment after he was charged Monday for the fatal shooting of a customer at a west side gas station Sunday.

Rami Ali Jaber of Dearborn Heights allegedly shot and killed a customer at a Citgo gas station in the 178000 block of West McNichols Road shortly before 4 p.m., police said. Media reports Sunday said that Jaber, 26, allegedly came from behind the counter protected by bulletproof glass after he and the customer had gotten into an argument.