photo: WWJ/Charlie Langton

Police: Man Pulled From Lake Was Shot Multiple Times

June 08, 2018 - 11:30 am

PONTIAC (WWJ) - A murder investigation is underway after the Oakland County Sheriff's Office dive team pulled a body from a lake in a neighborhood park.

Twenty-year-old, Emilio Valdez, who had been shot multiple times was pulled from Osmun Lake in Pontiac just before 8 p.m. Thursday. Investigators believe he was killed somewhere else and dumped in the lake.  

Police responded to the lake, at North Kiwanis Park in Pontiac, after two boys found some bloody clothing while they were fishing. When they arrived, deputies discovered tire tracks entering the park from off of Cortwright Street. The tracks led back to a pair of benches near the dock, one of which had been struck. 

Deputies then observed what appeared to be a blood trail and drag marks leading out onto the dock. The blood trail ended on the dock where a section of the railing was missing. Deputies also discovered the bloody clothing that had been reported in the weeds nearby, with what appeared to be a bullet hole.

"The investigation led our folks to determine that they needed to delve further," Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard said. "We put divers in the water and tragically, we located an individual in the lake who had been shot multiple times."

While investigating the scene, deputies were dispatched to an address in the 200 block of Oliver on a report of a missing person, who was last seen getting into a black Pontiac Grand Prix. According to police, it became evident the car parts at the scene in the park had also come from a black Pontiac Grand Prix. Investigators also received information that Waterford police had recovered a stolen black Pontiac Grand Prix earlier in the day. The vehicle had damage consistent with the parts recovered at the park, police said. 

At that point, the dive team was sent to search Osmun Lake for a possible victim. A short time later, divers located a man's body adjacent to the area of the dock with the missing rail section. He was identified as the missing person. 

An investigation is ongoing.