Woodward Dream Cruise

(Photo: WWJ/Jeff Gilbert)

Police Remind Cruisers: Stay In Right 2 Lanes Of Woodward

August 18, 2018 - 11:02 am

ROYAL OAK (WWJ) - Police will be out in force during Saturday's Dream Cruise.

Royal Oak Police Lt. Keith Spencer says if you're driving along Woodward, keep some basic rules in mind.

"We'd like to see the cruisers in the two right-hand lanes, or the two curb lanes. That way the people that want to get through, they can use the two left-hand lanes, or the two lanes closest to the median -- so that traffic can flow and people can see the cars," he said.

Along with your sunglasses and and camera, Spencer says to especially pack your patience.

"On a day like today, there's a lot of people out. There's a lot of people out to enjoy the cars and enjoy the events --  you have to bring your patience with you," he said. "Woodward does get crowded, both with vehicles and with pedestrian traffic. So as your moving around, be courteous of other people, other pedestrians, other drivers."

One thing you definitely don't want to bring is booze. 

"It's an alcohol-free event," Spencer said. "And, you know, the bottom line is that cars and alcohol don't mix. We don't want to have those two things in the same vicinity with each other. So, keep the alcohol at home and come out and bring your family and enjoy the event."

And one more important reminder: Spencer says things like tire burnouts won't be tolerated.

"We'll take strict enforcement action on any dangerous or reckless driving. Our officers are going to be out looking for that kind of stuff and you will get ticketed if something like that occurrs," he said. 

The cruise ends at 9 this evening.