Southwest Detroit barricaded gunman

(Photo: Jason Scott/WWJ)

Police: Standoff Ends With Arrest Of Gunman In Southwest Detroit

July 16, 2018 - 4:41 pm

DETROIT (WWJ) - After roughly fife hours of negotiating, an alleged barricaded gunman surrendered to police in Southwest Detroit. 

The 60-year-old suspect was taken into custody Monday afternoon outside a house where he was holed up on Ethel Street, near Schaefer and Fort Street. 

Police Commander Darren Szilagy said the arrest came shortly after the final hour of negotiations, which began around 9 a.m., started to break down.

"At which time we decided to deploy a chemical agent. After doing so he promptly surrendered," Szilagy told WWJ's Jason Scott and other reporters. 

Excessive drug use by the suspect is what led to an argument between the man and his girlfriend, according to police, during which shots were fired. The woman, who called 911, and her young daughter were not hurt.

"The suspect is uninjured, our officers are uninjured," added Szilagy. "The threat to the public is over and we're thankful for a peaceful resolution."

Bystander Sheryl Reddick, whose daughter lives across the street, was relieved to see the cuffed suspect led to a police vehicle. 

"I hope he gets the fullest extent of prosecuting," Reddick said. "He needs to be in jail; he don't need to be uot here with society."

Szilagy said officers executing a search warrant on the location and recovered several guns. The man's name is being withheld pending an arraignment on expected charges.