counterfeit cash

(Photo: Howell Police Department)

Police Warn Public About Counterfeit Cash In Howell Area

January 07, 2019 - 2:22 pm

HOWELL (WWJ) - Think you'd be able to recognize counterfeit cash? 

counterfeit cash
(Photo: Howell Police Department)
Authorities in Livingston County are warning the public after they received information about phony money that may be in circulation in or around the Howell area.

According to investigators with the Howell Police Department, it's believed that someone purchased the bills online and they have the intent to try to use them mixed with real bills.

Releasing a photo of the counterfeit money on Monday, police are asking the public to take a close look so people can see the differences, asking that anyone accepting cash in the community carefully check each bill for the proper markings.

Police said they only know of $20 bills at this time, but does not mean there are not other denominations out there. It's unclear how many fake bills may be out there. 

No arrests have been made and no suspects have been named as an investigation continues. 

Anyone who may have seen this counterfeit money who has any information that could help investigators with this case is asked to call Howell police at 517-546-1330.