Poll Finds Michigan Support For Medicare For All Who Want It, Underscores That People Want A Roads Fix

WWJ News
January 27, 2020 - 9:20 am

(WWJ) A new statewide poll from the Detroit Regional Chamber finds an overwhelming opinion on healthcare reform.

The survey of 600 Michiganders was conducted by pollster Richard Czuba, who first asked people if they had health care, then what kind they had.

Then the big question: "Are you satisfied with your health care?"

The answer was that 75 percent of respondents said they were.

In other findings, when asked if Michigan was on the right track, 46.2% of statewide voters believe the state is on the right track and 33.2% believe it is on the wrong track (20.7% no response).

When asked in an open-ended question, “What is the most important issue facing Michigan right now?” The top four responses were: Roads and bridges (29.5%); Jobs and the economy (18%); Education/education funding (7.2%); Water/sewer infrastructure (6.3%);

The poll found the vast majority of Michigan voters want to maintain and amend the Affordable Care Act, while also offering Medicare-for-all for those who want a public option.That's good news for the Democratic candidates in the presidential election, especially Elizabeth Warren, for whom this is a signature platform.

When voters were read four different options about our nation’s health care system and asked which they supported the most: We should expand the existing Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, to give anyone the option to purchase their health coverage through Medicare. This is known as Medicare for All who want it. (35.8%); We should make some changes to the Affordable Care Act, but we shouldn’t go beyond that (20.2%); We should create one Medicare for All system in which everyone has the same health insurance plan and private insurance would not be required (20%); We should leave the system alone. It is working fine and there is really nothing wrong with it (8.5%);No response (9%)

This new statewide poll was released today ahead of the Governor's State of the State speech to get a bead on where Michigan stands on many important issues. The poll also showed roads and bridges are a primary concern in Michigan.

When asked if Michigan roads have gotten better, worse, or stayed the same, statewide voters said: They have gotten worse (46.3%); They are about the same (40.2%); They have gotten better (11.7%) 

Eighty-six percent of Michiganders said they believed roads are in bad shape. "Which as we know from past years is bad,"Pollster Richard Czuba said. "But what' s really intresting here is that 53 percent of the voters believe the state already has enough money to fix the roads."

In addition, an overwhelming number of voters support legislation that would prohibit motorists from holding their cell phones while they are driving and instead require them to use a hands-free device.