Prosecutors Weigh Charges In Detroit Girl's Mauling Death; Neighbors Stage Memorial In Alley Where She Died [VIDEO]

Charges could be filed Thursday.

WWJ News
August 21, 2019 - 5:35 pm

DETROIT (WWJ) -- A commuity in Southwest Detroit is still in mourning after 9-year-old Emma Hernandez was mauled to death by three dogs on Monday afternoon, as authorities are still reviewing possible charges against the owner of the dogs.

The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office received a warrant request on Tuesday for a suspect in connection with the mauling. WCPO officials say the request is currently being reviewed. Officials say a charging will not take place Wednesday and a decision is expected to be made on Thursday.

Neighbors staged a memorial in her honor in the alley where she died, with candles, a stuffed animal and a cross.

Hernandez was riding her bike in an alley near Central Avenue and Smart Street Monday afternoon when she was attacked. Her father says the owner of dogs had been warned previously about better restraining the animals.

"I knew the dogs were there. I knew the neighbor. We had an argument about it just last week and he just didn't take care of his dogs properly. He could have prevented this," said Hernandez. "Last year, November 2017, the police came out and made a report about it but they didn't follow up on it. The dogs stayed there loose, wild, and the guy didn't feed them. The poor dogs, you know, I don't blame them."

A public viewing for Hernandez will be held from 3-8 p.m. on Friday at Professional Mortuary Services in Detroit, located along Livernois near Michigan Avenue. A funeral will be held Saturday at St. Cunegunda Catholic Church, at 5900 St Lawrence Street in Detroit. A final viewing will start at 11 a.m. and the funeral mass at noon.

GoFundMe account the Hernandez family describes the 9-year-old as "a wonderful child who touched the lives of those around her."

"Emma dedicated her life to school work, playing and enjoying life with her family. Quick to get a head start on school work. She was such a smart and silly girl. Loved to be outdoors and play with her cousins. A beautiful soul inside and out."