Python / Credit Cliff Howard

Python Slithers Its Way To Front Door Of Ferndale Business

Fortunately, Cliff Howard is not afraid of snakes.

July 26, 2018 - 5:15 pm

FERNDALE (WWJ) - It was a quite a commotion in Ferndale ... when a snake came slithering up to the front door of a local business on Woodward Avenue. 

Cliff Howard said he was on the job at Ferndale Honda when the receptionist yelled for him to come up front. 

"'Cliff, Cliff, go up front - you got to see this' - and I went up front. And I was like, oh my God it's a snake, it's a Python snake," recalled Howard. 

The snake was perched against the glass door looking in. "It was about five-feet long - looked like a Python, yes, an absolute Python."

He said he recognized it as a Python immediately. 

"I've had animals all my life -- but I freak out if it's spiders, I hate spiders, but snakes, they really don't bite you.

"It wasn't slimy but it was kind of weird, scaley, yeah, you can feel it, yeah ---  it's in my mind, I can't put it into words how it felt, but when I put it in a box I had, like, small scales on my hand. I immediately washed by hands - you know?"

He says the best news is that the snake is back with its owner, reportedly a woman in Ferndale, after a brief stop at the Humane Society.