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Redford Man Charged With Tricking Woman In Ferndale Into Shooting Video Of Her Feet

There were numerous photos and videos on his phone.

December 06, 2018 - 5:22 pm

(WWJ) A woman got a creepy crawly feeling when a man insisted she had bugs on her feet inside a Ferndale business, and then insisted on helping her remove her boots.

Brandon Jackson, 22, of Redford, was arraigned on a charge of assault and battery after police said he used the bug ruse to get the woman to take off her boots so he could touch her feet in a way that was "unwanted and inappropriate."

It started when Jackson told the victim that an insect had crawled into her boot, police said, and the 48-year-old female victim went to a private area and checked her boots for bugs. She found none.

When she returned, she said Jackson insisted that he saw a bug crawl inside of her boot and then "without her permission removed both of her boots and touched her feet." The victim was uncomfortable about Jackson’s irregular behavior, and over the next several hours developed a strong unease that led her to review video surveillance footage of the incident.

She reviewed the security footage (VIDEO) and it clearly showed Jackson filming the incident with his cell phone. That compelled her to contact the Ferndale Police Department the following Monday morning.

Ferndale detectives located and interviewed Jackson and obtained a search warrant for his cell phone. They discovered numerous photographs of unwitting women’s feet as well as dozens of videos of the same, many of which depict him telling different women that bugs were crawling into their shoes.

(police photo)

"None of these instances indicate evidence of any crime at this point, but actions like this can often escalate to the point of unlawful activity and even sexual assault," police said in a press release.

Officers are asking that anyone who feels they may have been the victim of unwanted touching by Mr. Jackson please report it to the police in the jurisdiction where the incident occurred.  

"Additionally, we encourage people to listen to and abide by their instincts. If you experience something that makes you uneasy or elicits a “creepy factor,” don’t hesitate to report it. We understand that it can be awkward or uncomfortable, but your safety—and everyone else’s—matters above all else," police said in a release.