Little Caesar's dumpster

photo: WWJ/Mike Campbell

Redford Rat Infestation Blamed On Little Caesars Pizza Store

May 01, 2018 - 9:38 am

REDFORD (WWJ) - Residents in one Redford neighborhood are fed up with a nearby Little Caesars Pizza store that has apparently become a breeding ground for rats. 

The store, off 7 Mile Road and Poinciana just east of Inkster, leaves its dumpsters open and full of rotting food, according to residents, and now the neighborhood is infested with rats and other rodents.

Greg Hartel, who lives behind the pizza shop, says the rats are wreaking havoc on his property. 

"It is horrible. It's gross and disgusting, plain and simple. It's unsafe, unsanitary," Hartel told WWJ's Mike Campbell. "They've gone through my garage, everywhere. The only place they have not got in is the house. And if that happens, I'll abandon it. I'll leave."

The rats are so bad, Todd Miller, who lives across the street from the pizzeria, says they scatter about every morning when he starts his car. 

"I'm used to it now so I'm not as scared of it anymore, but the damage is pretty bad," said Miller. "This year I've been pretty active at digging them up to get rid of them, but there's a whole section of my yard there's no grass because of how much digging I've had to do to keep them out of it."

While residents blame the pizza store, Miller says he is not sure where rats in his yard have been coming from.

"I mean, I can't verify it. Originally I thought it was my neighbors but it's pretty bad, and my neighbors have changed and the garbage collection has changed and it just seems to be getting worse," he said.

Hartel says the rat problem goes back at least eight years. 

"In 2010, I got a picture of a squirrel there at the tree, eating a piece of pizza," he said. "Then it was cute but now it's disgusting."

Little Caesars has not commented on the issue, but Hartel says he's considering legal action to force the owners to clean up their act. 

"I retained a lawyer in February to write some letters figuring that would fix it," he said. "No. You can see it's not fixed."