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Rochester Hills Man Claims Hand Slipped When He Shot At Teen Who Knocked On His Door [VIDEO]

The video tells a different story.

October 12, 2018 - 7:24 am

(WWJ) An Oakland County jury is expected to begin deliberations later today in the case of a Rochester Hills man accused of shooting at a teen who was asking for directions to school.  

Jeff Zeigler testified in his own defense yesterday.  He told jurors he wanted to fire a warning shot, but his hand slipped on the gun and it fired before he could aim the gun higher in the air.

The video appears to tell a different story, showing him running outside after the well-dressed teen politely rapped on the door once. The homeowner seems to deliberately point the gun and fire a shot. 

Zeigler faces up to life in prison if convicted.  

Brennan Walker, a freshman at Rochester High School, told investigators he'd missed the bus and tried to follow the route, but couldn't find his way. When he saw a neighborhood watch sign in Zeigler's window, he thought it would be a safe place to seek help.

As far as a motive, Zeigler said he and his frightened wife believed that the teen was trying to break in; while the teen's mother has called it a hate crime. Zeigler is white; Walker is black.