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Schools Switch To Bottled Water After Tests Show Elevated Bacteria Levels

October 26, 2018 - 7:01 am

WHITE LAKE (WWJ) - Another local school district is dealing with water issues.

Officials say three buildings in the Huron Valley Schools district -- Lakeland High School, White Lake Middle School and Lakewood Elementary -- receive water from a well that has tested positive for elevated levels of coliform bacteria. 

Communications Director Kim Root said they immediately implemented a water station policy after seeing the test results. 

"Coliform is a very common bacteria often found in wells," Root told WWJ's Mike Campbell. "But out of an abundance of caution, we put bottled water in place at all three of those buildings and we taped off the drinking fountains."

Huron Valley Schools have about 15 buildings with about 9,000 students total. Roughly 2,000 of those students attend schools affected.

"We do have bottled water stations at all of the buildings," Root said. "Kids frequently come to school anyway with water bottles and so we have filling stations where they can fill their own water bottles, or there's cups there as well."

Root said officials are planning to re-chlorinate​ the well water and then ask for a bond next year to hook up to the White Lake municipal water system. 

"That's quite a costly venture so we'd be looking at that potentially as part of a bond or a building site sinking fund millage that we'd go out to the public for," she said.