Sinkhole Forms In Oakland County On A Road That Handles 26,000 Vehicles Daily

WWJ News
June 04, 2020 - 8:14 am

(WWJ) A deepening situation unfolded overnight in Waterford... where a sinkhole appears to have formed along eastbound Elizabeth Lake Road at M-59.

Road Commission of Oakland County's Craig Bryson says they got the call around 7:15 of a depression in the right turn lanes, and workers are now checking a nearby culvert see if it may have collapsed to create that depression or potential sinkhole. Right-turn traffic will have to use the right thru lane on a road that handles 26,000 vehicles daily.

"We barreled it off by about 7:30 and since last night that depression has sunk even more. It's about a four foot depression in the road now so clearly there's some kind of void underneath the road. The large culvert, about 20 feet or so away from there. We're going to go into the culvert and camera it. We're assuming somewhere in there there's a collapsed drain pipe or part of the culvert so we'll have to find out what it is and where it is and create a plan to address it," Bryson said.