Smallfoot Is A Big-Sized Adventure That’s Fun For The Entire Family

Terri Lee-Sylvester
September 28, 2018 - 7:55 am

DETROIT (WWJ) – Smallfoot is a fun movie that’s a twist on the familiar stories that have been told for years about humans discovering a big foot.  This time around, it’s a big foot – also known as a Yeti or a Sasquatch – that discovers a human, whom the big foot population refers to as a “smallfoot”.
For years, the Yeti’s believed that a smallfoot was a myth; that they didn’t exist.  It’s the job of the village Stonekeeper to keep the truth a secret.  So, when Migo sees Percy, he’s shocked to discover that what the Yeti’s have been taught to believe is far from the truth.  But, when Migo runs to tell the village what he’s seen – and he can’t prove it – he’s banished.
As for Percy, the smallfoot, he’s the once-popular host of a TV show who’s looking for a way – any way – to reclaim his glory; even if it means being unethical.  He’s all set to go on television to tell the world that he’s seen a big foot, even if it means having his producer dress up in a big foot costume as part of the charade.  So, when he and Migo come face-to-face for the first time, he thinks Brenda, his producer, has decided to go along with the plan.

(L-R) Migo voiced by CHANNING TATUM and Percy voiced by JAMES CORDEN in the new animated adventure "SMALLFOOT," from Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner Animation Group.

Smallfoot is a fun movie that combines action, comedy and adventure – as well as an awesome and inspiring soundtrack – to tell a story about trust, honesty, friendship and family. 
“Smallfoot” stars Channing Tatum as Migo, James Corden as the smallfoot, Percy and Common  as the Stonekeeper.  Also starring are Zendaya, LeBron James, Danny DeVito, Gina Rodriguez, Yara Shahidi, Ely Henry, and Jimmy Tatro. 
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