Wrong Way Sign


Special New Cameras To Target Wrong-Way Drivers On I-94 Ramp

November 19, 2018 - 4:19 pm

JACKSON (WWJ) - The Michigan Department of Transportation is installing a new safety system targeting wrong-way drivers on the eastbound I-94 exit ramp to Sargent Road, east of Jackson.

The Wrong Way Alert System is designed to help prevent motorists from driving the wrong way on freeways, according to MDOT. Cameras in the system detect when a car is driving toward it; when that happens, high-intensity red LED flasher lights mounted on each of the wrong way signs are activated, warning drivers that they are going the wrong way.    

"Wrong-way crashes are considered the most serious type of traffic collisions," said Kelby Wallace, Manager of MDOT's Jackson Transportation Service Center. "This alert system is the first of its kind in our region and is part of our mission to increase safety and prevent crashes. Safety is paramount to MDOT."

Wallace on Monday told WWJ Newsradio 950 that the hardware has already been installed, they're now working on syncing the cameras, and system is expected to be operational in a week or two. 

If the system is successful, Wallace said it will likely be expanded to ramps across the state.

How did MDOT pick the location?

"Kind of based on a review of the past crash history and it's kind of maybe a somewhat confusing configuration," Wallace said. "So it seemed like a good opportunity to kind of give this system a try there and see if it's successful."

Wallace said that depending on how well the system works, it may be possible to partner with police in the further to set up the system to alert law enforcement to any problems. 

MDOT has been evaluating these new countermeasures as part of its "Toward Zero Deaths" safety campaign. Get more information at this link.