photo: WWJ/Mike Campbell

Squatters Responsible For Third Fire At Condemned Apartments, Official Says

June 21, 2018 - 7:56 am

PONTIAC (WWJ) - For the third time in recent months, authorities say squatters have caused a fire at a vacant Oakland County apartment building.

Firefighters were called early Thursday morning to the condemned Deville Apartments on Cadillac off Caesar Chavez, just north of the Woodward Loop in Pontiac, after a fire was reported on the second floor of the building. 

Carl Wallace, Fire Marshal for the Waterford Regional Fire Department, said squatters are likely to blame.

"On arrival, crews found three people at the front door, when they busted the wood that was protecting the door. They were transported to McLaren (Hospital) and all three are OK," Wallace told WWJ's Mike Campbell.

Fire crews were called back to the scene a second time after a hot spot reignited. 

Wallace said squatters just can't seem to stay away from the building. 

"This is our third fire here," he said. "The first fire was in March, the building was condemned and boarded up. We've had squatters here ever since. We had one on Saturday, and we had squatters then."

City officials say they will try to do a better job boarding up the building to keep people out.