Study: Eating Chocolate Could Help Improve Your Vision

July 07, 2018 - 10:42 am

DETROIT (WWJ) - Saturday, July 7 is World Chocolate Day -- and when it comes to picking a sweet treat, dark chocolate is the better choice.

Dark chocolate has many health benefits from decreasing blood pressure to reducing your risk of heart disease. It may also help you see better.

A recent study found that improvements in vision, including contrast sensitivity and visual acuity were significantly higher two hours after eating a dark chocolate bar compared to a milk chocolate bar.

“The antioxidants basically help decrease the stress in your body, which then has been shown to help improve blood flow to your brain, to your heart, and in this study, to your eyes, which helped those subjects see better," Registered Dietitian Kate Patton told WWJ Health Reporter Dr. Deanna Lites. 

When choosing a dark chocolate bar, look for 70 percent cacao or higher -- the higher the number, the greater the health benefits.