Suspects Wanted In 20 Home Invasions Busted By Teen Girl Hiding In Basement

May 31, 2019 - 6:52 am

WARREN (WWJ) - Three suspects wanted in at least 20 home invasions in Warren and surrounding communities are now in custody, thanks in part to a brave teenager who called 911 while hiding in her basement. 

Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said they received a 911 call around 3 p.m. Wednesday from a 15-year-old girl who reported that someone had broken into her home. 

"She was able to quietly, in the lower level, in the basement of the home, call 911. They were unaware of that," said Dwyer. "She was able to really give us the information when she called 911 to be able to actually surround the house and make entry and arrest the three suspects."

After the group was finally in custody, police recovered an overwhelming amount of evidence. 

"Yesterday our Investigative Services Bureau, about 20 members, executed about five search warrants and recovered property that belonged to a number of these victims," said Dwyer. "These victims in this case are unfortunately all seniors. I think the oldest is around 87-years-old."

Police believe the suspects are responsible for 20 home invasions, including 10 in the northeast area of Warren and some in other surrounding cities.

"It's an ongoing investigation," said Dwyer. "We believe that there's other area cities that have had these types of home invasions committed by these three individuals that we have in custody."

Charges against the suspects are now pending as police continue to locate potential victims. 

"The concern we have is always a concern anytime you have any sort of a home invasion but when they target our seniors, I mean it's pretty disgusting," said Dwyer.

Police are expected to release more information on the case Friday. 

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