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Tech Editor: Temper Expectations For Amazon Prime Day Deals

July 16, 2018 - 11:13 am

DETROIT (WWJ) - Prime Day begins for Amazon members. Beginning today at 3 p.m. (Eastern Time) and runs for 36 hours. 

People get really hyped-up for Prime Day says Dan Ackerman editor at CNET.

"Over the last two, three or four years -- after you go -- 'that was interesting' but I didn't find the one dream Black Friday, door-buster, item that I was looking for. "

While it's nowhere near the frenzy of Black Friday -- Ackerman says if you "temper your expectations and realize that a lot of things that will be on sale will be Amazon-branded things like the Echo and the Fire TV -- where other things will be like budget TVs and budget tablets rather than the super expensive ones -- then you'll know what to expect going in." 


"I also think a lot of other companies are going to want to get in on that - there are always a lot of good deals on household goods, like paper plates and paper towels and things like that. Some people have started to email me early with some of their deals -- NVIDIA is going to have their Shield TV box ... upstreaming box for about $40 off normal."

Offers will differ from country to country but the timeframe remains the same. 

The cost of a Prime membership is $119 but some vendors may offer discounts to all shoppers.