Three drownings in eight days in the Ludington area where the Sauble River meets Lake Michigan

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Three Drownings In Ludington Area This Week, Father Of Two Still Missing

Heavy rain has created a deadly outlet where the Sable River meets Lake Michigan

July 26, 2019 - 2:24 pm

A family of four was swept into Lake Michigan from the Sable River in Ludington on Thursday. 

“Yesterday we had four individuals swept out into Lake Michigan,” said Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole, “sadly a 38-year-old man from Brighton Michigan is still missing as of this morning.”

According to Cole, it’s unlikely that the man survived. 

This is the third drowning incident Ludington has dealt with this week, but the reason has been indentified. 

“Last Saturday we had a big rain come through the northern portion of our county,” explained Cole, “That water has to go somewhere. It’s running into the Sable River, which runs through the Ludington State Park, and it’s exiting the Sauble river into Lake Michigan and is causing a lot of problems for our swimmers in that area.”

Cole said eight people were sucked out of the Sable River into the great lake on Monday.

Cole has asked the Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources to close the river outlet at the state park until water levels drop.