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Times Up For MSU's Engler Says Michigan Judge

The judge presided over one of the Nassar trials.

May 23, 2018 - 7:39 pm

DETROIT (WWJ) - 'Time's up' for Michigan State University's president according to one of the judges that ruled in the Larry Nassar sexual assault case. 

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina says the former governor and now interim president of MSU has to go. 

Calling out Engler for bullying a Nassar victim in public and saying he's the wrong person to lead MSU out of their mishandling of the sexual assault victims perpetrated by Nassar, who worked as team doctor with USA Gymnastics and at Michigan State University, later convicted of molesting girls and young women while in the position of authority -- while university officials had knowledge about Nassar's questionable treatments. 

Aquilina made the statements about Engler during a Women in Blue breakfast supporting police officers - reports The Detroit News

On the heels of MSU's $500 million settlement to victims in the Nassar case, Aquilina said Engler is the wrong person to be leading the university as it works to help Nassar survivors heal and change MSU's administrative culture. 

Aquilina presided over the disgraced former gymnastics doctor trial - sentencing Nassar to up to 175 years in jail for systematic rape and abuse in a case that was marked by speeches from 156 victims and took down the presidency of MSU’s Lou Anna Simon.

Nassar’s molestation was allegedly reported to Michigan State University at last four times over the years — and died there.

He stayed under the radar as he used his job to become what a judge later called the most prolific serial child sex abuser in history.

"He’s been more interested in putting his people in the university than looking at the problems," Aquilina was quoted by The Detroit News, referring to political allies that Engler has hired for top positions at MSU. "First and foremost, you look at the problems and then you place the right people, not political people, but the right people.

"This isn’t politics," Aquilina continued. "Michigan State is not the House or the Senate, where you need Republicans and Democrats. We need good educators for our children This is our future. It’s a mainstay in our state and unfortunately he’s made it a political playground. That is wrong."