Tiny Dog Left For Dead In Detroit Trash Can

With a leash around his neck, he tried to claw to freedom

WWJ News
August 23, 2019 - 10:36 am



(WWJ) We need to do better. That's the message Detroit Dog Rescue put out on social media a day after a man was charged because his unfed, unrestrained pit bulls mauled a 9 -year-old girl to death while he left them alone to go shopping.

The message came the same day an emaciated pup was left to die in a sealed trash can in a Detroit yard overgrown with weeds and strewn with debris. A leash was still around his neck; Claw marks on the can indicated the dog tried hard to get free. 

He didn't make it.

His lifeless body was discovered by members of Detroit Dog Rescue, who had been called by a concerned citizen.

"We are heartbroken over this discovery, sad, and sickened, but this is the type of abuse and neglect we come across everyday," the rescue group said in a Facebook post. 

Rescuers describe him as "the cutest tiny black dog with little white paw tips and crooked ears ... tiny and skinny and helpless."

"We wish we had the chance to love you. Fly high over the rainbow bridge. We promise, we’re trying to make Detroit better."

Debates about pet care and pit bulls and breed bans have been circulating since a girl was dragged off her bike by three dogs in an alley and mauled to death. Neighbors reported the dogs weren't fed, they were skinny and mean. The fence meant to restrain them was flimsy and easily broken through.

Is it a breed issue or an ownership issue, many wondered, an intrinsic trait that goes wrong with the breed or something related to a lack of food and affection.

In the case of the tiny, helpless dog thrown out with the trash and left to gasp and struggle until he died, the answer seems clear. Who could discard a helpless pooch as trash?

"Detroit need to get some sort of licenses to have a pet and background check before owning a pet -- RIP," one woman wrote on the Detroit Dog Rescue's post.

Another pointed out that, "They talk about taking the dog problem and clean(ing) it up!! But (they) never do, (I) don’t get it!! The poor dogs are being mistreated and starved, so they act accordingly!! If my neighbor was mistreating an animal I would report it! Your child or yourself may be the one you save!!!!"