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Tips For Traveling With Kids On Spring Break

"Get. There. Early."

March 26, 2019 - 5:49 pm

WWJ -- It's that time of year again -- schools all across Michigan are going on spring break over the next couple weeks, and families are gearing up for vacation trips.

While everyone just can't wait to get away, traveling can be stressful, especially with kids.

Keeping the young ones occupied during travel time -- especially when flying -- can be difficult. David Fishman, President of Cadillac Travel Group in Southfield, says parents should make sure to pack their carry-on bags full of games, movies, video games, playing cards, books and food.

"Read to them. Engage them, and that will make life a lot easier for them – especially with delays," Fishman told WWJ.

Another important tip for flying with young kids is giving yourself extra travel time -- at least three hours when going international -- just in case something goes wrong.

"Get. There. Early. The airport will be crazy, starting this weekend," Fishman said.

Other tips include traveling with a backpack so you have as many free hands in the airport as possible, and of course -- have fun with flying. If your child is scared of flying for the first time, try and make it exciting. Get them interested in looking out the windows at the scenery and the process of everything that goes into a flight.

While traveling with the real young ones can have its ups and downs, Fishman says its also important to be prepared for traveling with high school kids.

Fishman says it's important to "lay down the law," especially if you're going to another country where they'll be allowed to drink alcohol, when they're usually not allowed to. He says if parents decide to let them drink while in another country where it's legal, it's important to talk about different situations they could be in and what to do.

“That changes dynamics greatly compared to going away to places where you have to be 21 to drink or they couldn’t drink before," Fishman said. "If you were to put your drink down and you lose track of it, you never pick it up again. If someone sends you a drink or brings you a drink, you don’t take it. Unless you see it made by the bartender."

Fishman says the biggest advice for your teenager is to never travel alone. 

"Always go as a group of people, or at least with another person," Fishman said. "If you are, for example, at a place where you are going to take a taxi, make sure a person at the resort puts you in a taxi that's a reliable taxi -- someone that they know or has a reliable type of licensing and the right type of license plate."

One other important note Fishman has for teenagers: “Don’t fall in love on spring break.”

Some tips for packing

  • Put some of each other's stuff in other bags so everyone will have at least something if a bag gets lost.
  • Never pack any medications you'll need -- always put them in carry-on bags.
  • Pack a change of clothes and a bathing suit in your carry-on

Remember to plan ahead, be prepared, and have fun on your spring break trip.