Toll Roads In Michigan? Lawmaker Wants MDOT To Study Feasibility

June 14, 2019 - 10:04 am

LANSING (WWJ) - Could toll roads be the key to funding repairs of Michigan's crumbling roadways?

State Representative Ann Bollin, a Republican from Brighton, wants the Michigan Department of Transportation to consider toll roads as a way to pay for road repairs. She says a number of constituents have asked about toll roads.

"At the local level and here at the state level, we've heard a lot in testimony and just being out and about in the community, people often ask 'Why doesn't Michigan have toll roads? Wouldn't that be a source of revenue to fix our roads,'" Bollin said. 

Bollin, a member of the House Appropriations Committee, has proposed an amendment to the House's transportation budget plan that would direct MDOT to investigate toll roads as a potential source of funding. 

"This amendment would require the Michigan Department of Transportation to conduct an in depth analysis on the potential for toll roads here in Michigan, including what would it take, what are the federal guidelines, timeline, opportunities, and if it might be to an advantage to Michigan to help fix our roads," she said. 

Thirty five states currently have toll roads. Federal law doesn't allow toll roads on interstate freeways like I-75 and I-94.