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Trash Or Treasure? 'Antiques Roadshow' Films In Rochester

Appraisers on hand to see if that thingamajig is worth anything.

June 14, 2018 - 7:20 pm

ROCHESTER (WWJ) - Do you ever wonder if that painting that's been in the family for years is worth something? Or those dishes you picked up at a garage sale should be treated like a treasure?

"The Antiques Roadshow" set up shop at Meadow Brook Hall on the campus of Oakland University on Thursday to lend a critical eye to objects of art and other thingamajigs. 

If you got a ticket to the show -- you were already a winner. Over 20,000 people applied, but only 3,500 got tickets to have their items appraised by one of the experts from the PBS show.

From dolls and jewelry to musical instruments -- folks stood in line hoping to find out that their prized or sentimental possession is worth something ... anything.  

David Raggo, an appraiser from New Jersey who specializes in pottery and porcelain, says they see more of one item in particular. 

While you may have dishes that have been in the family forever ... they most likely only have sentimental value rather than monetary.

"People tend to bring dinnerware to us, and by-and-large, dinnerware is not worth anything," says Raggo, who's been with the show for 23 seasons. 

You can check out this episode of the Antiques Roadshow when the new season starts in January on Detroit Public Television.