George Rider, Marcie Griffin, Eric Gibson.

Left to right: George Rider, Marcie Griffin, Eric Gibson. (Booking photos)

Trio Gets Life In Prison For Warren Love Triangle Killing

August 01, 2019 - 9:24 am

MOUNT CLEMENS (WWJ) - Three people will spend the rest of their lives behind bars after being convicted of first degree premeditated murder in a Macomb County killing linked to a love triangle. 

George Rider, 61, Eric Gibson, 26, and Marcie Griffin, 48, were sentenced Wednesday to the mandatory punishment of life in prison without parole for the murder of 34-year-old Julii Larrie Johnson in January 2017.

Prosecutor Eric Smith said the entire murder came about "because of one woman’s enraged jealousy." 

Johnson was shot seven times outside a condo in the Stoneridge at Heritage Village subdivision near 13 Mile and Mound in Warren, where she lived with her boyfriend -- the father of Griffin's children.

After Johnson was found dead, a manhunt ensued but police couldn’t find her killer. A break in the case finally came in the form of a glove found on a brush-covered trail that led from the parking lot of a nearby LA Fitness. A deeper search of the area recovered a handgun, police said, and surveillance video from the gym parking lot then led to Gibson.

Lab tests were able to link Gibson’s DNA to the glove; and further investigation uncovered a plot that involved two additional suspects.

Investigators found that a jealous Griffin, who hated Johnson for dating her ex, had enlisted the help of Rider and Gibson to pull off the murder.

One of the most critical pieces of evidence introduced by the prosecution was a text message exchange between Griffin and Rider two hours after the murder, which prosecutors say illustrated the conspiracy: 

     Rider stated, “Good morning sunshine, today is a beautiful day. Friday the 13th”
     Marcie: “LOL . . .” 
     Rider: “I hope you understand!” 
     Marcie: “Evrythg bout I undrsantd.”

All three defendants were tried together and found guilty of first-degree murder during a trial in June. Gibson was also convicted of possessing a firearm during the commission of a felony.