Trooper Saves Unresponsive Baby After Breech Birth In Parking Lot

July 26, 2018 - 8:37 am

JACKSON (WWJ) - A couple is grateful for the help of a state trooper who assisted following a dramatic birth in the parking lot of a Michigan State Police post.

It happened early Monday morning, in front of the state police post in Jackson. Andrew Paielli's wife Jessica went into labor as the couple drove to the hospital to deliver their fourth child.

The baby was breech, coming out feet first, and Paielli knew they needed help. He pulled into the police post, but it was closed and no one was around. At that point, there was no stopping the baby, who was born in the couple's SUV -- but she was blue and purple and not responding. Paielli frantically called 911 and within moments, help arrived. 

"I was still in somewhat of a shocked state because I was afraid, more afraid than I've ever been in my life, that I was going to lose my daughter," said Paielli. "I mean, I can't even express it in words. I'm extremely grateful for everyone that helped."

State Trooper Ronnie Tucker was the first to arrive and help the couple and their newborn.

"As soon as I got up to the car, I could see the baby and it was lying on its back, had its head turned to the right and it wasn't breathing at all. My training mode kicked in so I just went straight back to the academy, made sure she had an open airway, I started rubbing her chest to make sure she had some stimulation going and when she let out her first cry, I think I almost fainted," said Tucker. 

Officers from Blackman-Leoni and the sheriff's office also helped with the emergency, sending mother and baby Hanna to the hospital for a full recovery.

On Wednesday, Trooper Tucker was reunited with baby Hanna.