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Pantry Raid: Troy Cops Disciplined For Stealing Firefighters' Snacks

March 08, 2019 - 4:02 pm

TROY (WWJ) - Some Troy police officers are in a bit of trouble after stealing snacks from another city department.

According to a joint statement by the Troy Police Department and City of Troy Fire on Friday, an investigation began when fire officials informed police administration that several police officers had entered a locked walk-in food pantry in one of the fire stations. 

This isn't a joke, police said in a tweet, "it's real," and they want to make sure everyone has the facts.

The PD initiated an internal investigation and, in the interim, discontinued access police officer access to all fire stations.

Police said 20 officers, who had key fobs to get into the building, were disciplined after they admitted to entering the locked room to access snacks and meal break supplies. The officers explained that they'd been invited before to eat at the fire station, and thought that it would be OK. 

Further details, including the names of those involved and exactly what types of treats were taken, were not released. 

"The Fire Department has long been gracious hosts to Troy Police officers," officials said in a statement, noting that many Troy cops also serve as volunteer firefighters in the city. 

Officials said the matter is now considered closed by both by departments, which "continue to enjoy a positive work relationship, as we have historically," and "look forward to moving ahead with the same outstanding working relationship."