U-M's Austin Hatch, Abby Cole Wedding Video Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

A bittersweet story of heartbreak and love.

July 18, 2018 - 8:43 pm

DETROIT (WWJ) - A bittersweet story of heartbreak and love for two University of Michigan grads who married in June. 

The storybook ending for U-M basketball player Austin Hatch and volleyball player Abby Cole comes after a journey of grief and pain. 

Austin Hatch survived two plane crashes. In 2003, his mother, brother and sister were killed - he and his father survived the crash. In 2011, another crash killed his father and step-mother. Austin remained in a coma for two months after the 2011 accident.

His father was the pilot in both crashes. 

Austin, a standout basketball player in high school, was recruited by the U-M basketball program -- but was in no shape to play. John Beilein held a spot for him on the team and he played intermittently during his first season with the team. 

His college playing days ended when he took a medical redshirt but continued with the team as a student assistant. 

Abby played volleyball for the university throughout her career. 

Posted on YouTube, the video, as described will make you reach for the Kleenex.

Hatch wore his father's watch on his wedding day and his bride wore a necklace with a diamond from his mother's wedding band.