(Photo: George Fox)

University Of Michigan Sorority Apologizes For Role In Active Shooter Scare

March 25, 2019 - 3:21 pm

ANN ARBOR (WWJ) - A University of Michigan sorority is apologizing, a week after a bonding activity put the Ann Arbor campus on high alert.

In an open apology letter published in the Michigan Daily, Alpha Kappa Delta Phi said members were holding team-building activities on March 16, one of which involved popping balloons.

Some students reported it sounded like gunshots, causing U-M to issue an "active shooter" alert

"We are truly sorry to everyone who feared for their lives and had to experience the traumatic events of that day, especially to our fellow Muslim students and all those who were present at the New Zealand Mosques Solidarity Vigil," the sorority said.

"It is unacceptable to merely pass off our actions as a poorly timed coincidence. To do so would be to ignore the politically-charged atmosphere that day and the many serious events on campus that preceded the false alarm. Failure to acknowledge these circumstances would only further enable us to benefit from the privilege that comes with a lack of understanding about the real dangers and fears that many of our fellow peers, students of color and Muslim students live with on a day to day basis," the letter continues

"...We have used this past week to not only process our feelings of guilt and disbelief, but to also reflect on our mistakes and take responsibility for our actions by reaching out to members of our immediate communities."

No charges are expected in connection with the incident, according to campus police.

Read the complete letter from Alpha Kappa Delta Phi here