Unpaid Ticket? Outstanding Warrant For Your Arrest? Amnesty In Waterford Twp For A Short Time

The amnesty program runs thru Aug. 10

July 30, 2018 - 6:52 am

DETROIT (WWJ) - If you have a parking ticket or a building code violation or even a warrant for your arrest in Waterford Township, you may be in luck.  

The township is running a ticket amnesty program at its 51st District Court.  The program will include those with parking, building and code ordinance violations, as well traffic civil infractions issued within the Township and by the Oakland County Sheriff's Department and Michigan State Police.

The program will also recall any arrest warrants for those who failed to appear for a show cause hearing - the court saying the warrant will be recalled and you won't have the fear of being taken into custody. 

You'll still have to pay -- that's what will be the key to amnesty. The courts will gladly take cash, certified check, credit card or money order. Once payment is made in full -- the court will recall warrants.  

The amnesty program runs through August 10. You can address your issue during regular court hours (not on the weekends) call 248-674-4655 for more information or check out the website here.