(Photo from Facebook video. credit: Oneil Colley)

Video Captures Frightening Dog Attack On Detroit Mail Carrier

February 23, 2019 - 3:54 pm

DETROIT (WWJ) - Police in Detroit are investigating after a dog attacked a mail carrier on the city's west side -- and the frightening incident was all captured on video. 

The incident happened Friday on Ardmore Street, near 8 Mile Road and the Lodge Freeway. 

The video was posted to Facebook and has more than 2.4 million views. Click to watch (WARNING: Contains graphic footage and language)

The dog is already attacking the man when the video starts, which was taken by a driver who approached the scene. The video shows the dog viciously attacking the mail carrier's foot as others try to shoo it away. A neighbor tries hitting the dog with a broomstick, but that does nothing. The driver who stopped at the scene then throws a large trash can at the dog and he lets go of the carrier's foot -- but then the animal starts attacking him by the arm. 

As the carrier writhes on the ground and screams in pain, the driver grabs anti-theft club from his vehicle and repeatedly uses it to strike the dog. The animal appears to let go at moments, only to bite the carrier and grab on to other parts of his arm.

Much of the following takes place out of the camera's frame -- but a man described as the dog's owner's nephew comes out of the house with a belt he uses to put around the dogs neck and get the animal off of the carrier.

"It's not even my dog," the man, who is clearly distressed, screams. "I don't know what to do! I don't know what to do!"

As he is leading the dog away, the dog then turns and appears to attack him as well. The man and the dog both end up on the ground in the snow. He lets go of the leash, leaving the dog loose with the belt around his neck, and at that point the mail carrier jumps into the vehicle where the camera is recording. 

"Thank you! Thank you," he repeatedly tells the driver. 

The dog stumbles to his feet as the man runs inside of the home. He then appears to yell for the dog, which starts running toward the home -- and straight at the neighbor with the broom.

"Miss Lucas, go," the carrier screams as the driver honks his horn. The camera falls to the floor of the car, so it's unclear what happens next, but the dog is barking. The driver then repeatedly yells at the man to get the dog in the house.

It appears at this point that the situation is over and the driver pulls away. The video cuts off as the driver calls for an ambulance to help the carrier.

The carrier reportedly suffered injuries to his hand, foot and leg. 

Animal Control picked up the dog shortly after the attack. The woman who owns the dog, named Boss Hog, told WXYZ she's never had any issues with the animal in the past and he's never attacked anyone. She said she was at work at the time of the attack and the dog ran out when her nephew was leaving.

The dog is currently under quarantine, though his future remains uncertain. 

The incident is under investigation by Detroit Police and the U.S. Postal Service.

The USPS issued a statement reminding residents to keep their dogs in a separate room and to close the door when a mail carrier delivers. 

"Unfortunately attacks such as this provide the postal service an opportunity to remind dog owners that it is their responsibility to restrain their pet in order to avoid attacks against our employees while they are in performance of their duties," the statement read.