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Caught On Video: Passenger Films As Jet Crashes After Takeoff In Mexico

Officials say everyone on board survived

August 01, 2018 - 4:44 pm

(WWJ)  A man aboard was filming when an Aeroméxico plane crashed seconds after takeoff in northern Mexico Tuesday.

Screams are heard in the frightening video clip recorded by passenger Rain Parsa, and shared by CBS News, as the jet smacked down in a field in storms, nearly intact, then catching fire. 

Officials said, fortunately, everyone on board survived. 
"I’m fine by the grace of God," said Parsa, in a tweet. "It’s a miracle of God that we are alive. I owe my life to Jesus."

According to Gov. Jose Aispuro, a gust of wind hit the jet -- which was headed from Mexico's northern state of Durango to Mexico City -- causing it to lose speed and hit the ground with its left wing, knocking both engines loose. He said the plane skidded into a field in a horizontal position, which allowed escape slides to activate so all passengers and crew could escape before the plane burst into flames. 

The pilot and one other person were reported in serious but stable condition, the governor said. Earlier, he said a total of 49 people had been taken to hospitals, and officials said most had minor injuries.

"Fortunately we have now found all 103 — now we know where each one is — this gives us a lot of tranquility," Aispuro said.

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