Video Shows Detroiters Partying At Rouge Park While Coronavirus Rages On

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March 26, 2020 - 4:14 pm
Detroiters party during coronavirus quarantine

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(WWJ) Look at this, y'all!

The camera pans to a parking lot full of cars and mingled voices raised from what looks and sounds like party. Music spills out of open car doors, dozens of people mingle, drinking beer out of cans.

And it happened Wednesday night inside Rouge Park on Detroit's west side during the coronavirus quarantine.

"Where the police at?" one man asks jovially on the video. "Did somebody call the police?"

"Called the police, what did they do? Rolled through," he crows.

A few minutes later the man shooting the video laughs again, saying, "Is he drinking a Corona?"

It's unclear how the gathering happened, though it wasn't true police "just rolled through." They eventually shut the gathering down.

Later a copy of a ticket was posted on the R/Detroit thread in Reddit that showed police wrote at least one reveler a ticket for "violating the governor's order." The fine is $500 and or 90 days in jail for disobeying the governor's order to stay at home until the worst of the coronavirus passes by.

Detroiter Tyra Ware was appalled when she saw the Facebook video, which has been shared more than 1,300 times.

"Kids on the slide, standing right next to each other, passing marijuana cigarettes to each other, laughing. It was disgusting," she told WWJ's Vickie Thomas. 

Ware said the governor may have to take more drastic action to shut these shenanigans down.

"It's ridiculous," Ware said. "And if martial law has to come back, then it just has to come down. I'm for whatever because I'm fed up and I'm tired, and we are not going to live like this because people are out there being idiots."

Valerie Clark didn't hold back her opinion during the video about what was unfolding on the screen.

"Y'all got to be stupid and I hope every one of y'all there was out there. Catch the virus and I hope ain't nothing medicine in the world can do for you. Yeah bunch of dummies."

Sixty Michiganders have died from the coronavirus, which experts say is highly contagious and has shut down schools, bars and restaurants, factories, offices and entire segments of the American economy as health experts urge people to stay away from each to avoid the spread. Detroit is considered one of the virus' hotspots, with 717 cases and 15 deaths. More than 200 police officers are quarantined and two have died this week. 

Overall, per Bridge Magazine, Detroit's per capita infection rate is among the highest in the United States, exceeded only by New York and New Orleans.

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