Screengrab via WWJ live video

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts On WWJ: Bored, Uninterested With Alleged Audio

"I'm bored with it, I'm not interested in it."

January 14, 2019 - 6:37 pm

(WWJ) -- Warren Mayor Jim Fouts declined to talk about newly released audio that allegedly captured him talking about underage prostitutes in Amsterdam.

The audio is the latest recording released by the Motor City Muckraker that allegedly has Fouts talking about off-color topics. Visting the WWJ Newsradio 950 studios as part of our "Mayor Monday" series, Fouts declined to comment on the newest allegations, opting to focus more on Warren's development, as well as the drug epidemic in the city. 

"I'm bored with it, I'm not interested in it. It's more of the same," Fouts told WWJ's Greg Bowman and Brooke Allen.

The audio, which has not been authenticated, indicates Fouts was speaking about Red Light districts across European cities and the possibility that one can have sex with 16-year-old girls in Amsterdam. 

Fouts said he "finds it interesting" the audio was released as he was trying to focus on "serving and protecting the citizens of Warren" and discussing a new efforts to battle the opioid epidemic.

"I will not comment on it, I don't care about it, and I will tell you this: Warren residents are bored with it, and they're tired of it and I'm tired of it," Fouts said. "My focus is on serving and protecting the citizens of Warren, not being distracted by this kind of junk."

On other previously-released tapes, a voice attributed to Fouts disparaged African-Americans, older women and people with disabilities. Fouts, who has repeatedly denied that the voice heard on any pf these recordings is his, told WWJ he is not sure where the audio is originating.

"Today, the focus is on the drug epidemic, not on trivial, irrelevant information," Fouts said.

The mayor opted to focus on the city's bright spots, like the fire department, which he said is ranked by the American Heart Association as the No. 1 department for saving lives.