Stock image of a brown rat (Dreamstime)

Warren Spends $125K To Fight Rats Fleeing I-696 Construction

January 02, 2019 - 5:15 pm

WARREN (WWJ) - The city of Warren is spending at least $125,000 to bait and trap rats. 

More than 120 bait traps have been set up along the eastbound and westbound fence lines on I-696 by a rat contractor, to catch any rats fleeing the construction zone.

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts says the hammering and excavation on 696 over many months has been causing the rats to look for food, water, and shelter in surrounding neighborhoods; which is why the city is spending so much cash.

He said the bait boxes are checked every two weeks at a cost of $30 for each check.

“The average bait consumed by rats is 41.5 percent from one inspection to the next one,” said the mayor.  “If we didn’t have this baiting program, the rats would be in our neighborhoods.” 

Depending on how long it takes work on 696 (which almost done for the season) to be completed. Fouts said the city may have to spend more money on the problem when work resumes in the spring. 

Fouts on Wednesday asked WWJ's Zahra Huber to pass on this advice:

"Don't be friendly when it comes to rats. Put the 'no welcome' sign here which means no food, no shelter and no water," the mayor said, adding to resident with pets: "Leaving little plates of food out for pets in the backyard is a good way to attract rats; and obviously you need to pick up animal droppings as well."

Meanwhile, Fouts said it's expected that new 90-gallon trash, compost and recyling containers recently distributed to Warren residents will reduce the rat population in Warren with less garbage overflowing onto city streets.