Watchdog Group: Asbestos Found In Playskool Brand Crayons

August 08, 2018 - 12:24 pm

(WWJ) A watchdog group is sounding the alarm on a brand of crayons that researchers say could harm your children.

In its annual report on the safety of school supplies, the U.S. Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) says Playskool crayons sent to an independent laboratory tested positive for trace amounts of asbestos -- a substance that can cause cancer and mesothelioma if inhaled or ingested.

While the group tested crayons purchased at a Dollar Tree store in Chicago, they also point out hat the same crayons are available for sale online on Amazon, eBay and  Dollar Tree says the crayons, which are typically sold for about $1 in a 36 pack, are safe and have met or exceeded all safety and legal standards. 

Parents may want to note that Crayola crayons, Roseart crayons and Up & Up crayons sold at Target all tested negative for asbestos. 

Among the PIRG reports others findings, Benzene -- a carcinogen linked to leukemia and liver, kidney and immune system function -- was found in Board Dudes brand markers.

PIRG, probably best known for its annual holiday season report on dangerous toys, says the presence of toxic hazards in school supplies highlights the need for constant vigilance on the part of government agencies and the public to ensure that school supplies containing toxic chemicals are removed from store shelves.

View the complete "Safer School Supplies: Shopping Guide"  HERE (.pdf format)