What Does It Take To Be An Organ Donor? Saving Lives One Donor At A Time

August 03, 2018 - 1:03 am

DETROIT (WWJ) - The Detroit Police Department is looking to spread the word about saving lives through organ and tissue donation.  

The department is hosting a symposium to bring awareness to the need for more people to sign-up to become organ donors.

Gift of Life Michigan's Taneisha Campbell was an organ recipient a decade ago and will be one of the speakers.

"Since then I've also realized how much of an impact organ and tissue donation has in our community," said Campbell. "So, I'm also a donor family member - my nephew passed away at the age of five months and my sister was strong enough to make the decision that she wanted him to become an organ and tissue donor as well," said Campbell. 

Detroit Police Lt. Sherelle Stanley is one of the organizers and is also a donor. 

"We are working cooperatively partnered with the peer-support, in addition to Gift of Life and the University of Michigan Transplant Center. Basically, to dispell any myths or misinformation with respect to organ donation, and we're going to have an expert panel there to provide information to increase awareness and reduce anxiety about organ and tissue donation," says Stanley. 

The symposium "Saving Lives One Donor at a Time" is Wednesday, 11 a.m. at Detroit Public Safety Headquarters - 1301 Third Street, Detroit.